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– 副會長 – 研究與統計

Landmark Global
Alaric Wang
– Vice President of Research and Statistics
Landmark Global

Alaric 是 Landmark Global亞太區的網絡和運營總監,負責公司的運營和擴展電子商務全球配送網絡的解決方案。

在加入順豐國際之前,黃宇瀚在 TNT快遞工作。 在順豐國際期間,他曾擔任外包商管理的運營經理和越南分公司開業的項目經理。 後來他加入利豐物流擔任項目經理,負責新客戶落地項目。

黃宇瀚在物流行業擁有超過 16 年的經驗。 他畢業於香港大學,獲得物流工程和供應鏈管理學位。

Alaric Wang is Network and Operations Director of Landmark Global APAC, overseeing company’s operations and network expansion of worldwide delivery solutions for e-commerce.

Working Experience
Alaric has over 16 years’ experience in logistics industry. Alaric subsequently worked for TNT Express prior to joining S.F. Express International. During his time in S.F. Express International he worked as Operations Manager in subcontractor management and Project Manager in branch opening in Vietnam. Later he joined Li & Fung Logistics as the Project Manager for new customer implementation.

Education and Qualification
He graduated from The University of Hong Kong with a degree in Logistics Engineering and Supply Chain Management.