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About Us

– 副會長 – 供應鏈數字化轉型

Chi Lam
– Vice President – Supply Chain Digital Transformation

Spaceship CEO 及聯合創辦人林煥枝 Chi Lam 致力為傳統物流行業引入創新理念,令不同企業和電子商務用戶能透過Spaceship 增強和優化國際寄運體驗。 Chi Lam 以大膽創新的方式應對各種物流挑戰,令Spaceship 成為新一代物流科技品牌,並得到業內和亞洲創業生態圈的廣泛認可。 例如,Spaceship入選福布斯2022年亞洲100強名單,並獲得Tech in Asia、Crunchbase等世界級商業平台推介

Wun Chi Lam, CEO and co-founder of Spaceship, is introducing innovative ideas and concepts to the logistics industry through the development of Spaceship. With Spaceship, businesses and e-commerce users have been able to enhance and optimize their international shipping experience, making it a leading logistics tech brand. Wun Chi Lam’s bold and innovative approach to tackling real-world logistics challenges has been widely recognised across the industry and Asia’s startup ecosystem. For example, Spaceship was selected to be on Forbes Asia’s 100 to Watch List in 2022 and has been featured on world-class business platforms such as Tech in Asia and Crunchbase.