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Hong Kong E-commerce Logistics Association Limited (HKELA) is a non-profit organization established in early 2017 by a group of senior leaders from major E-commerce platforms and third-party E-commerce logistics providers. At present, the Association’s Board of Directors comprises members originally from a number of prominent E-commerce logistics companies. HKELA members are professionals who represent a wide range of industries, including cross-border logistics, E-commerce logistics, supply chain management, consultancy, transportation and warehouse.







We aim to bring together a group of elite professionals who are passionate about giving back to society and the industry. By evaluating the needs of Hong Kong’s logistics industry, as well as conveying what’s happening within the industry to the government, HKELA provides constructive recommendations to improve infrastructure, and ultimately enhance the competitiveness of the E-commerce industry.

The Association is committed to promoting and enhancing the E-commerce logistics industry. We also provide members with an interactive platform to share professional and industry insights, maximize collaborative opportunities amongst members, as well as for the exchange of industry-related international market trends. By working together, our goal is to build a better business environment, as well as elevate the quality of service.

Through HKELA’s work to promote Hong Kong’s E-commerce industry internationally, we aim to boost the development of the marketplace and bring more business opportunities to members.

We aim to cultivate more young talents and encourage them to join the E-commerce logistics industry.





HKELA strives to become the leading E-commerce logistics association in Hong Kong. Looking ahead, we will continue to implement realistic and effective measures in promoting Hong Kong as a global and sustainable centre for E-commerce.

With so much potential and room for growth in E-commerce logistics, the cultivation of local talents is essential to meet the market’s development needs.


Message from Honorary Advisor

易志明, GBS, JP
– 首席顧問

Frankie Yick, GBS, JP 
– Chief Advisor
Wharf Group


My heartfelt congratulations on the establishment of the Hong Kong E-commerce Logistics Association (HKELA) by a group of young entrepreneurs and participants in the E-commerce segment of the local logistics industry with the goal to promote the Hong Kong E-commerce logistics and nurture young talents for the sustainable development of the industry. Hong Kong is well positioned as the gateway of China and has been one of the major trading hubs for decades. The further development of the E-commerce market in China will provide great opportunities for the youngsters who are interested to develop themselves in the E-commerce business in the years to come!

林宣武 GBS, JP
– 榮譽顧問

Willy Lin GBS, JP
– Honorary Advisor
Milo’s Knitwear (International) Ltd

Message from Honorary Advisor

本人謹代表香港付貨人委員會熱烈祝賀香港電商物流協會成立。電子商務是全球經濟增長最快的行業之一,而物流是成功的關鍵。期待香港電子商務物流協會在 Suki的領導下,為業界帶來重大發展。

Congratulate on the establishment of Hong Kong E-commerce Logistics Association. E-commerce is among the fastest growing sectors of global economy, and logistics is the most important factor of success. We look forward to HKELA, under Suki’s leadership, contributes significantly to the advancement of the industry.

– 榮譽顧問

Anna Lin, MH, JP, FCILT
– Honorary Advisor

我謹代表香港貨品編碼協會(GS1 Hong Kong),恭賀香港電商物流協會(HKELA)正式成立。HKELA的成立印證了電子商貿蓬勃發展對物流業帶來的重大影響:全球電商上的消費者購物要求不斷提升,令可有效地優化速度、裝載容量及成本的運送、倉存及訂單履行方案應用變得更為逼切。

我相信香港電商物流協會可以幫助業界裝備好自己,把握迅速興起的電商物流機遇, 進一步鞏固香港作為區內跨境電商物流樞紐的地位。

On behalf of GS1 Hong Kong, I would like to extend my warmest congratulations to the inauguration of The Hong Kong E-Commerce Logistics Association (HKELA). Its inception underscores the great impact of E-commerce on logistics sector: The soaring consumer demand in the global e-marketplace have driven the urgent need for robust delivery, warehouse and fulfillment solutions that optimise speed, capacity and cost.

I believe HKELA can help the industry to equip with capabilities for tapping into the fast emerging E-commerce logistics opportunities, further strengthening Hong Kong’s position as a regional hub for cross-border E-commerce logistics and fulfillment.

– 榮譽顧問

Mr. Simon Wong, MH, FCILT
– Honorary Advisor
The Logistics and Supply Chain MultiTech R&D Centre


隨著電子商務正在徹底改變現代貿易和物流世界,香港在這個難得的好時機應進一步拓展生意。當然,機遇也帶來挑戰,我希望得到協會的幫助和推動,電子商務物流從業者可以善用政府在創新、科技和中小企業運營方面的各種資助和補貼計劃。同样重要的是青年人才, 他們是香港電商成功的關鍵。我希望香港電商物流協會能推廣和吸引更多人才加入這個令人興奮的行業。


I am very pleased to see the establishment of HKELA and wish every success to the association.

As E-commerce is revolutionizing the modern trade and logistics world, it is very opportune time for Hong Kong to further grow E-commerce logistics, so as to expand business in this exceptional opportunity.

Of course, opportunity comes with challenges. I hope with the association’s help and promotion, the E-commerce logistics practitioners can make good use of the various government support and subsidy schemes in innovation, technology and SME’s operations.

Equally important young talents are the key to success for Hong Kong E-commerce. I wish the HKELA can promote and attract more talents to join this exciting industry. Again, all the best!xiangg

– 榮譽顧問

Ken Chung
– Honorary Advisor
The Chamber of Hong Kong Logistics Industry (CHKLI)

Message from Honorary Advisor


Congratulations on the inaugration of E-commerce Logistics Association. It brings about dynamic and move-up the E-commerce logistics industry, many wishes for future success!

– 榮譽顧問

Wilson Kwong
– Honorary Advisor
Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited (Hactl)

Message from Honorary Advisor


I congratulate Hong Kong E-commerce Logistics Association (HKELA) on its launch, and I am honored to join the advisory panel of this exciting new organization. It is a privilege to be given this opportunity to play a part in helping the logistics industry attune to the needs of e-commerce, and capture its full potential. The Association provides an authoritative channel for dialogue with customers and a strong voice with regulators and other stakeholders. It underpins Hong Kong’s determination to be a world-class e-commerce hub.


Message from President

– 會長

Suki Cheung
– President

隨著智能手機及平板電腦的使用率不斷上升,帶動互聯網滲透率亦與日俱增,電子商貿在所有細分市場的群組中愈來愈受歡迎。根據 Statista 資料顯示,2020 年有超過 20 億人經由網上購物或購買服務,為全球創造了 4.2 萬億美元的電子零售銷售收入!



隨著千禧世代及 Z 世代的崛起,企業有責任為時下年輕人提供機會,無論是在電子商貿,抑或是元宇宙方面,讓他們追求未來做好準備!


我們旨在為會員提供網絡平台,連接並促進電子商貿合作;讓中小企能藉著彼此之間的優勢來擴大、維持和及增加他們的整體市場份額。隨著最後一英里交付(「Last Mile Delivery」)的需求或持續上升,企業應聯繫一起優化他們的資源,並協調出一個高效且全面的網絡履行相關業務。





With the ever-increasing internet penetration and usage of smartphones and tablets, E-commerce is increasingly popular among all demographic segments. According to Statista, in 2020, over 2 billion people purchased goods or services online, creating USD 4.2 trillion e-retail sales revenue worldwide!

The rise of E-commerce and digital marketplace phenomenon has changed the composition of consumer behavior and expectations, as consumers now expect fast, free shipping and competitive pricing. The future of logistics lies in a highly connected landscape of visible supply chains reinforced by real-time data, advanced analytics and algorithms.

Logistics companies of all sizes have to implement business process re-engineering and pilot bite-sized technology to complement warehouse and distribution operations. Continuous upskilling will also be necessary to equip the logistics workforce with abilities to operate increasingly integrated and automated assets and make meaningful and strategic decisions in an environment of data overload.

With the rise of millennials end and Gen-Z, corporate are responsible for preparing the youth of today to pursue the opportunities of tomorrow world, no matter this is E-commerce or metaverse!

This is where Hong Kong E-commerce Logistics Association (HKELA) begin!

WE aim to provide networking platform for members to connect and promote E-commerce collaborations; seeing SMEs leveraging on each other’s strengths to expand, sustain and grow their collective market share. Demand for last mile delivery can continue to rise and companies should band together to optimize their resources and orchestrate an efficient and comprehensive fulfilment network.

WE aspire to consolidate feedback and supporting measures to improve infrastructure and strengthen competitiveness; discussions around new automation, technologies and other forms of digital innovation will be more prominent and calls for action for logistics enterprises will become more pressing.

WE adopt marketing and publicity programs to promote Hong Kong as Asia E-commerce regional hub; we will be promoting entrepreneurship and innovative on-job training and mentorship program for the youth to speed up their digital transformation knowledge while optimize their decision making skillset.

While the world is slowly resuming and adapting to the new normal, enterprises will have to continue their efforts to transform themselves, adjust to the changing needs and reshape their business models to improve their value offering, efficiency and resilience.

The Association will continue to be the conduit for addressing members’ needs in their course of fulfilling business obligations while adhering to all prescribed precautionary measures. We remain committed to deliver value through multiple strategic thrusts, help members in industry transformation, attract talents for the industry, get set for recovery and when the time comes, to ride the next wave of growth.


Message from President of Youth committee

– 會長

Francis Chan
– President
Logistic Sector and Supply Chain Management


I am pleased to offer my warmest congratulations on behalf of Youth Committee to the establishment of the Hong Kong E-commerce Logistics Association (HKELA), and look forward to witnessing the continuous achievements of the HKELA along its mission to promote the sustainable development of the Hong Kong E-commerce logistics in knowledge-based economy, and vision of social commitment on diversity of talent development aligned with globalization of value chain. I would also like to convey my warmest wish for every success of its milestone of the HKELA.


Market Intelligence

E-commerce Enabler

E-commerce Customs Affairs

Warehousing Logistics



Hong Kong E-Commerce Logistics Association Support the Measures to Boost E-Logistics and Affirms Commitment to Planned Three-Runway System in HK Airport Authority

香港電子商貿物流協會支持推動電子物流措施並確認香港機場管理局三跑道系統建設承諾提升香港物流競爭力 香港,2024年2月29日- 香港電子商務物流協會(HKELA)熱忱支持最新財政預算案提出的措施,旨在推動電商物流和高增值海運服務的發展,進一步推動香港電子商務物流業的發展。物流和電子商務行業的機會。 同時,機場管理局正全力推動機場三跑道系統的規劃工作,目標是在今年底投入營運。 這些措施將為香港電商物流業帶來巨大機會和發展潛力。 隨著全球電子商務市場的蓬勃發展,物流網路的高效運作已成為電子商務成功的關鍵因素。 香港作為國際物流樞紐,擁有先進的基礎設施和優越的地理位置,成為區域電商物流中心具有得天獨厚的優勢。 預算案提及發展高加值海運服務的措施,將進一步提升香港在國際物流舞台的競爭力。 同時,機場三跑道系統的建設將為航空業提供更多機會。 機場管理局將加強與相關國家的航空服務聯繫,拓展航空網絡,特別關注現有主要航線和潛在的「一帶一路」航線。 香港機場約有 120 家航空公司營運的航班飛往全球約 180 個目的地。 作為國際航空樞紐,機場的願景是利用港珠澳大橋帶來的便利和機遇,將香港機場打造成集商業、展覽、旅遊、生活、休閒等元素於一體的「機場城市」。和物流,成為世界級地標。 機場管理局也計劃充分發揮機場在處理高價值和溫控航空貨物方面的優勢。 其中,與東莞共同推廣「海空貨運聯運」模式,計劃明年底前完成「香港國際空港物流園」永久設施第一期建設,逐步達到年吞吐能力一百萬噸。 機場管理局將積極拓展航空貨運服務,包括在東莞物流園區提供冷鏈貨運服務,以及與珠海共同發展國際貨運服務。
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Hong Kong E-Commerce Logistics Association (HKELA) co-hosted with Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) and Hong Kong Federation of E-Commerce (HKFEC) to promote green supply chain

香港電子商務物流協會(HKELA)與香港生產力促進局(HKPC)和香港電子商務聯合會(HKFEC)於2023年6月6日在香港生產力促進局大樓共同舉辦公開講座,推廣綠色供應鏈並分享電子商務物流的未來見解。電子商務供應鏈不再僅僅是有關運輸的問題,毫無疑問,創新和轉型對於實現卓越至關重要。在許多關鍵市場趨勢中,技術和可持續性是企業脫穎而出的長期熱門話題。 活動的特邀嘉賓包括HKELA主席Suki Cheung、HKFEC主席Joseph Yuen、香港付貨人委員會主席Willy Lin GBS, JP、物流及供應鏈多元技術研發中心行政總裁Simon Wong MH, FCILT、一帶一路發展聯會主席Rem Tai,以及香港機場管理局、香港空運貨站、香港投資推廣署、GS1、AWS、Carbon World、Redress和Wardrobista等機構,同時,SingPost、Lalamove、Spaceship、Jumppoint和 Hippo等物流領袖也加入其中。 通過讓市場領袖分享最新的社交媒體、客戶參與策略、碳足跡和最新技術趨勢,該活動吸引了滿堂的嘉賓參加並交流見解。最後,該活動為嘉賓、演講者和領域專家提供了交流機會。HKELA相信,通過該活動,為電子商務行業不斷變化的未來帶來了企業和領導者的共同成長,並帶來了對環境的積極影響和供應鏈的優化。   Hong Kong E-Commerce Logistics Association (HKELA) co-hosted an event with Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC)
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Hong Kong E-Commerce Logistics Association (HKELA) Releases White Paper Highlighting the Prospects and Development of Zhuhai’s Cross-Border E-Commerce Industry

  香港電商物流協會(HKELA)於2023年5月26日發布發佈白皮書《珠海跨境電子商務產業的重點與機遇》。該白皮書於2023年3月6日至4月28日展開調查,收集了來自香港和珠海的1,000多家公司、電子商務和物流領域的關鍵決策者和利益相關者的意見。 香港是連接中國和全球之間的全球國際航空和運輸樞紐之一,為加強這一點,利用三個地方的優勢深化粵港澳大灣區的合作至關重要。在大灣區的9個城市中,珠海作為重要的經濟區和工業發展和蓬勃發展的電子商務產業的交通樞紐。為了了解珠海電子商務企業行業的潛力,本白皮書提供了關於四個關鍵主題的概述 (1) 珠海跨境電子商務的前景和機遇 (2) 珠海在大灣區的競爭優勢 (3) 市場對珠海潛力的看法和時間和勞動力投資的偏好 (4) 市場認為政府在促進珠海電子商務發展方面最需要支持。 本白皮書還基於租用政策、經營收費管理和可能的限制和挑戰提出了建議。為促進電子商務的發展,珠海保稅區管理委員會發布了《珠海保稅區持跨環境電子商務產品發展暫行事務法》,企業可以以利用持持施在香港和珠海形成電子商務物流產業鏈分工,中間促進進入兩地進入一步融合。 隨著香港與大灣區之間聯繫更加緊密,政府將繼續鞏固和增強香港作為國際航空樞紐、國際海運中心和區域物流中心的地位,以促進經濟的可持續增長。 欲下載該白皮書,請瀏覽:   Hong Kong E-Commerce Logistics Association (HKELA) announces the release of white paper, Key Focuses and
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香港電商物流協會參與香港生產力促進局人才招聘會 開拓電商物流新思維
Hong Kong E-Commerce Logistics Association (HKELA) Joins HKPC ICT Talent Job Fair to Offer Insights for E-Commerce Logistics Industry

2023年4月15日,香港電商物流協會(HKELA)與青年委員會成員獲邀參加香港生產力促進局 生產力學院2023 ICT人才招聘會,並作為主講嘉賓之一。 活動匯集來自 ICT 行業的 19 多家參展商和企業合作夥伴,為應屆畢業生、大學生以及對信息和通信技術 (ICT) 行業感興趣的人士提供超過 500 多個就業機會。 “我們很高興參加香港生產力促進局生產力學院ICT人才招聘會,並榮幸可以借這個機會向年輕一代展示電子商務物流行業的潛力。通過我們青年委員會的分享,我們希望可以幫助新一代突破對物流行業的傳統印象。我們相信透過展示現代電子商務物流的不同樂趣和創新思維,可以激發更多年輕人才加入這個發展蓬勃的行業。” 香港電子商務物流協會會長張淑明表示。青年委員會委員在活動中分享不同電商物流範疇的工作經驗、職業專才,以及各種的發展方向。 涵蓋的主題包括市場營銷、網上銷售模式、倉儲、物流自動化解決方案、國際航運和行内交際活動等。   On April 15, 2023, the Hong Kong E-Commerce Logistics Association (HKELA) joined Huawei x
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香港電商物流協會第一屆就職典禮 – 運輸及物流局局長林世雄, GBS, JP應邀主禮
Hong Kong E-Commerce Logistics Association (HKELA) Holds the First Inauguration Ceremony – Glad to invite Secretary for Transport and Logistics Mr. LAM Sai-hung, GBS, JP as Guest of Honor

香港電商物流協會(HKELA)第一屆就職典禮於四月二十八號順利舉行。我們榮幸邀請到運輸及物流局局長林世雄先生主持就職儀式,為協會顧問和董事會成員頒發證書。 香港電商物流協會會長張淑明小姐表示:「很高興今天聯同局長林世雄先生,香港電商物流協會的名譽顧問,董事局成員,青年委員會成員和一衆委員會成員,與各位一起恭賀第一屆成員就職。HKELA 今天可以匯聚物流業界的精英,秉承與電商物流業界共同成長,進步的景願。我們也會全力響應和支持特區政府,包括海運及空運人才培訓基金,另類吸煙產品聯運轉運等推措施,期望協助推行物流業發展的相關政策,以鞏固香港作為國際航空樞紐的地位。」 除了團結行業内的力量服務社群外,張淑明亦强調,協會注重青少年發展,鼓勵他們投身電子商務物流行業。 憑藉電子商務物流的巨大潛力,協會為學生和應屆畢業生提供培育環境。HKELA透過與 LSCM,數碼港,香港生產力促進局等機構舉辦活動,使年輕人可以深入了解複雜的電子商務物流,同時與HKELA會員一起擴大他們的專業網絡。 因應行業人手不足問題,協會致力連接潛在雇主及青年人,以補充行業的需求和迎合市場急速發展的需要。 香港電商物流協會亦成立青年委員會,以加强推進學生和年輕人在電商物流業的發展。青年委員會會長陳富輝先生表示:「要進一步推進社會的新力軍加入電商物流行業,讓他們突破對物流行業的傳統印象十分重要。我們希望可以將日新月異的電商銷售模式展示給新一代,讓他們瞭解電商物流對科技,市場推廣,和營銷管理等等的龐大的人才需求和發展潛力。」青年委員會會長陳富輝先生期望可以增加與學生和年輕一代交流合作,激發更多年輕人才加入發展蓬勃的電商物流行業。   關於香港電子商務物流協會 香港電子商務物流協會是香港首個針對在線和電子商務物流領域的物流協會和的非牟利機構。協會成員包括主要的跨境物流、電商物流、供應鏈管理、諮詢、運輸及倉庫等行業專才和資深翹楚。HKELA旨在匯聚一群熱心回饋社會及行業的精英,通過評估香港物流業需求,向政府反映業內實際狀況,並提供建設性意見以改善基礎設施,從而達致電子商貿行業競爭力提升。協會盼望在2023年堅持作爲電商物流界的主動、積極角色,連同香港特區政府,協會會員,青年委員會成員和業内精英,共創穩定景氣,帶動業界進步。   The first inauguration ceremony of the Hong Kong E-Commerce Logistics Association (HKELA) was successfully held on April 28,
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HKELA 支持《2023 年進出口(修訂)條例草案》有關另類吸煙產品轉運的相應修訂
HKELA supports the Import and Export (Amendment) Bill 2023 for transshipment of alternative smoking products (#ASPs) from Mainland China via Hong Kong to overseas markets.

香港電商物流協會(HKELA)就香港特區政府於星期五(三月二十四日)刊登憲報的 《2023 年進出口(修訂)條例草案》和相應修訂《吸煙(公眾衞生)條例》表示支持。期望透過以海空和陸空方式經香港聯運轉運的另類吸煙產品納入豁免範圍,恢復經香港港口相關產品的轉運業務,並加强香港作爲國際航空樞紐的地位。 HKELA supports the Import and Export (Amendment) Bill 2023 for transshipment of alternative smoking products (ASPs) from Mainland China via Hong Kong to overseas markets.
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