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– 副會長 – 秘書

Chi Ng- Secretary
Logistics Solution

於物流解決方案,擁有銷售、項目執行、供應鏈分析和數據庫管理實踐經驗及營運管理和優化供應鏈方案的學術背景。Chi 提倡與客戶共同成長。以實現互惠關係為目標, 致力幫助客戶在業務可持續性、成本和投資回報方面取得優異成績。

Chi Ng 是一位專業從事物流銷售和解決方案、供應鏈管理、數據庫控制和項目管理的銷售專家。在加入 UPS 的第一年,Chi 銷售成績已經超過了他的銷售目標四分之一。

憑藉他在職業生涯中設定目標,Chi 在團隊中得到了廣泛的認可,並在 8 個月內從銷售代表晉升為客戶經理,並在兩年半內晉升為大客戶經理-醫療保健行業。

Chi 在加拿大工商管理學士主修運營管理畢業後,他追求不斷進步,並懷著熱情和奉獻精神投入於物流行業的職業生涯。


  • 榮獲2019年亞太區前12%銷售人員
  • 參加內部銷售比賽並獲得2020年總決賽冠軍
  • 獲得2021年第53屆傑出銷售員獎

Specialized logistics sales profession with experience in logistics-solution selling, project coordination, supply-chain analysis, and database management. Possess academic background in operations management and supply-chain optimization. Chi advocates mutual success with his customers. With the mission to achieve a reciprocal relationship, Chi strives to help customer excel aspects of customers’ business sustainability, costs, and investment return.

Working Experience
Chi Ng is a sales professional specialized in logistics sales and solutions, supply chain management, database control and project management. In the first year of joining UPS, Chi already exceeded his sales target by a quarter.

With the milestones he set during his career, Chi was well recognized in his team and promoted from a Sales Representative to Account Manager in 8 months, and to Healthcare Major Account Manager in two and a half years.

Education and Qualification
After his graduation in Canada as a BBA concentrate in Operations Management, he advanced his career in the logistics industry with passion and dedication to grow.

Track Records
During Chi’s employment, he has shown determination to challenge himself for excellence. His achievements include:

  • Rewarded as the top 12% of Asia Pacific salesperson in 2019
  • Participated in internal sales competition and awarded as the final champion in 2020
  • Nominated to represent his company and awarded for the 53th Distinguished Salesperson Award in 2021