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E-commerce Enabler


An E-commerce enabler is a company that provides an end-to-end solution to brands for their E-commerce business. An E-commerce enabler offers one-stop solutions such as online store management & website optimization, digital marketing, customer service & engagement, efulfilment & omnichannel management, market intelligence and business analytics. With an E-commerce enabler, brands can focus on the business growing instead of working on daily operational activities along the value chain. The E-commerce enablers have technical experts who give brands various platform/ marketplace to sell their goods and offer end-users a pleasing shopping experience. In addition, they help brands succeed in their online selling through E-commerce platforms & other online channels.


  • 網上市場:消費者在網上進行「櫥窗購物」或從賣家及品牌網站購買商品的平台。例如,亞馬遜、Lazada、天貓、阿里巴巴、Shopee等。
  • 電子商貿促成者:透過提供點對點電子商貿解決方案,協助品牌在網上市場上推廣和銷售其商品的服務。

What’s the difference between an E-commerce enabler & marketplace?
An enabler interacts closely with the marketplace or any other online selling platform, but an E-commerce enabler is not a marketplace.

  • Online marketplace: a platform where customers do window shopping or buy goods from sellers and brands online. For example, Amazon, Lazada, Tmall, Alibaba, Shopee, and many more.
  • E-commerce enabler: service to help brands promote and sell their goods in the online marketplace by providing end-to-end E-commerce solutions.




How does an E-commerce enabler work?

Online Store Management & Website Optimization
E-commerce enablers handle daily operations and online promotion. It focuses on building brand image and boosting sales up. An E-commerce enabler manages brand storefronts on marketplaces, social platforms, and websites or mobile apps. It also looks after the copyright description and professional appearance.

Digital Marketing
The E-commerce business, which aims to grow globally, needs to adopt digital marketing. With qualified professionals in the teams, E-commerce enablers devise integrated marketing strategies tailored for brands, supercharging brands’ business growth and helping brands stay on top of the competition.

資料來源:Not Another State of Marketing Report, HubSpot (2021)
Source: Not Another State of Marketing Report, HubSpot (2021)

客戶支持的重要性怎麼強調都不為過。據微軟報告指,大多數 (90%) 消費者在決定是否堅定不移地支持某個品牌時均認為這是必要的。不過,這項服務的要求很高,並且非常講求專業。因此,電子商貿促進者一般都有一支專家團隊去管理這項服務。




Customer Service & Engagement
The importance of customer support cannot be overstated. Microsoft reported that most (90%) of consumers consider it necessary when deciding whether to stick with a brand. However, this service is very demanding and needs to be professional. Therefore, the E-commerce enabler has an expert team to manage this service.

Good customer support builds trust and satisfaction among the customers and hence aids in enhancing your brand image.

E-fulfilment & Omni-channel Management
The supply chain management process requires considerable expertise from inbound logistics to inventory management and outbound logistics. However, it reduces the order processing time by quick response and delivery. An E-commerce enabler possesses its warehouse to cut short the order fulfilment process.

Market Intelligent and Business Analytics
To check the status of your business, a detailed analysis of reports is required. Any business generates a pile of reports such as sales, SKU progress reports, analytical reports, etc. The skilled E-commerce enablers precisely make improvements and present the required data to grow in the tough competition.