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– 副會長–技術與創新

Ethan Hui
– Vice President of Technology and Innovation
Cloud-based solutions


As a member of HKELA, Ethan strives to support members in achieving their operational goals and business growth with his expertise in cloud technology. With a proven track record of successfully delivering cloud-based solutions across multiple industries, he is committed to helping logistics companies of all sizes in their digital transformation journeys.
Working Experience
Having had 6 years of experiences in the IT industry, Ethan has an expertise in cloud solutions, especially on AWS and solutions for logistics and supply chain management. Ethan is skilled in utilizing data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) technologies to optimize logistics operations and enhance customer experiences. He also has strong project management skills in helping clients oversee the delivery of end-to-end solutions, from requirement gathering, solution design, development, testing, deployment, to long-term maintenance. Furthermore, Ethan has also collaborated with cross-functional teams, customers, and partners in delivering go-to-market strategies for IT products and services.
As an IT professional, Ethan collaborates with logistics association members to help them with digital transformations. He provides advisory services to help members develop their cloud technology roadmap and select the right services and solutions. Moreover, he leverages data to identify and analyze trends, and provide insights that enable members to make data-driven decisions. He continuously evaluates and recommends technologies and innovations that can improve logistics operations and create new business opportunities. With Ethan’s experience and expertise in cloud technology and AWS, he is passionate in helping logistics association members stay ahead of the curve and succeed in the ever-evolving logistics industry.