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About Us

– 副會長 – 司庫和行業事務
Victoria Hub Capital

Jacky Cheung
– Honorary Treasurer and Vice President of Industry Affairs

Victoria Hub Capital

Jacky 在大中華區擁有超過15年的經驗,擔任過大部分領導職務。 Jacky核心專注於TMT風險投資、早期投資、融資、金融科技、債務資本和信用風險管理及供應鏈金融。

Jacky 是 Victoria Hub Capital 的創始人,專注於風險投資並為早期企業提供諮詢。他是香港總商會YEC副主席,旨在加強下一代商業領袖的培育和發展。

Jacky 還曾在金融科技公司、財富國際供應鏈集團擔任各種高級管理職務,負責監督大中華區的運營、信用控制和區域業務擴展,包括 Qupital、Euler Hermes Allianz 和 American Express。

麥覺理大學 – 商業和商業研究
悉尼商業與技術學院 – 計算機科學

創辦人及行政總裁 – 維盒投資
副主席 – 香港總商會 卓青社
青年委員 – 香港工業總會 青委會

Jacky has over 15 years of experience in Greater China region, with a majority of leadership roles. Jacky core focus is on TMT ventures building, early stage investment, fundraising, financial technology, debt capital and credit risk management, supply chain finance.

Working Experience
Jacky is the founder of Victoria Hub Capital which is focus on venture capital investment and provide advisory to early stage businesses. He is the Vice Chairman of HKGCC YEC, which aims at strengthening the fellowship and development of next generation business leaders.

Jacky also held various senior management roles in fintech company, fortune international supply chain groups overseeing the business in Greater China in operations, credit control and regional business expansion including Qupital, Euler Hermes Allianz and American Express.

Education and Qualification
Macquarie University – Studies of Business and Commerce
Sydney Institute of Business and Technology – Computer Science

Track Records
Founder & CEO – Victoria Hub Capital
Vice Chairman – Hong Kong General Chamber Young Executive Club
Executive Committee – FHKI YEC