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About Us

– 副會長 – 數字化轉型

Samson Ho
– Vice President –Digital Transformation
Jumppoint Logistics Technologies

何朗曦 (Samson)是Jumppoint Logistics Technologies (躍點物流科技) 的創辦人及行政總裁,在創立Jumppoint前Samson曾任職於國際O2O出行平台Uber,並負責數據化物流運力管理。其後創立香港領先的信用咭及電子支付收款平台Jarvix,並把平台運營到年交易額超過50億後獲香港上市科技公司收購。


Samson Ho is the Founder and CEO of Jumppoint Logistics Technologies. Prior to the establishment of Jumppoint, Samson worked at Uber, the leading global O2O transportation platform, and was responsible for the data-driven driver partner management of the platform. Samson founded Jarvix in 2018, the leading credit card and digital payment processing app in Hong Kong with over HK$ 5 billion annual transaction volume, which was acquired by a Hong Kong Listed technology company. 

Jumppoint is on a mission to accelerate the growth of the digital economy in Asia and to lower social logistics cost by connecting independent logistics and warehousing service providers with internet technology platform to provide an international cross-border e-commerce logistics platform.